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  Up to $20 off June / July 2009 DSL PROMO    


  • Stop running your own high cost DSL network
  • Migrate your dialup users to DSL
  • Sell DSL service under your own brand name today!

First, thank you for your participation in our wholesale DSL program. We value and appreciate your business. Second, we are announcing our "June and July DSL Promotion". During the month of June and July 2009 (thats right 2 months!) we will credit you for each (net-gain) DSL subscriber added. This promotion is part of our effort to help make your retail marketing and sales campaigns that much more effective.

All of our DSL partners are enrolled in this promotion. There is no need to signup for this to be active.

For example:

Number of Users on June 1st 20 DSL users 75 DSL users
Number of Users on July 30th 30 DSL users 150 DSL users
Net-gain 10 users 75 users
Net-gain x credit amount = Pocket Money $100 $1500

Credits will be applied as follows:

5 to 24 net-gains = $10 credit per net-gain
25 to 49 net-gains = $15 credit per net-gain
50+ net-gains = $20 credit per net-gain

We have extended this promotion over a two-month period to give you time to create and implement the most effective retail promotion you can, and to give your marketing efforts time to bring in as many new subscribers as possible. The $20.00 credit you can receive is typically equal to about 1 month of free service. We encourage you to use this promotion to pass along a free month of savings, or offer a discount on modem purchases, or even offer an incentive to your salespeople. We know the creativity of enterprising people like yourself has helped keep you in business and we want to reward your creative marketing ideas as they result in new DSL subscribers.

Our experience shows that the Summer months are some of the best months for DSL sales due to back-to-school and people moving into new locations. Now is the time to try new marketing techniques to try and bring on new users. It is really easy to put new promotional plans inside the "subscriptions" section of your DSL backoffice. If you need help understanding how to do so, just let us know.

We are hopeful your success will lead to many future promotions. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email.

Thank You,

IKANO Wholesale DSL Team
Sales # 1866-422-8890
Tech/Billing # 1888-420-3914