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  High Speed Internet Option    

Dialup USA now offers the SlipStream accelerator for prices as low as $1.00 per user. SlipStream Data, using their patented proprietary data compression algorithm, provides Service Providers and Corporations with solutions that reduce bandwidth and increase the speed of Internet access using dialup connections.

Version 4.0 is the current release, view the release notes.

  • For a interactive demo of the high speed product click here
  • For a feature sheet of the slipstream product, click here (150KB)
  • For a performance feature sheet, click here (88 KB)
  • For a white paper on how the technology works, click here (209 KB)
  • For a comparison of slipstream vs propel, click here (278KB)

Using the slipstream accelerator can bring many benefits to your ISP including:

  1. Additional average upsell of $3.00 to $5.00 per user.
  2. Sell bundled with dialup or alone.
  3. Accelerates Web browsing, email and ftp
  4. Reduced Bandwidth
  5. Accelerated Secure Networks
  6. Free pop-up blocker
  7. Free website insite ad blocker
  8. Reduced customer churn
  9. Customizable with your graphics and icons.

Better yet, Dialup USA is one hop off many of the major internet backbones including MCI, Qwest, Level 3, ELI, the Seattle Internet Exchange. This means that by going through Dialup USA for your acceleration your customers will receive a better connection and faster acceleration.

Contact us if you are interested in adding this to your ISP. You need not be a customer of our dialup service to apply for the Slipstream Acceleration service.

For pricing or if you have questions about our high speed offering, please email or call us toll free @ 1-866-422-8890. We have representatives available 8-5 M-F PST to answer your calls.