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  FRONTIER Network lowers price on 7Mbps package, adds the 12Mbps, 20Mbps and 30Mbps packages    

*--- You must recreate the Frontier TAS subscriptions in the DSL management interface to offer these new speeds ---**

July 1st 2014

How To Setup the New Frontier TAS Speeds:

Locations: We can offer Frontier DSL service in the old Verizon, now Frontier DSL markets in the following states: AZ, CA, ID, ID, IL, IN, MI, NC, NV, OH, OR, SC, WA, WI and WV. Note that we can not provide DSL service in any OLD legacy frontier networks that were not acquired in the Verizon to Frontier acquisition of July 2010.

New Speeds / Pricing:

Frontier TAS - PPPOE (US Funds) Monthly Cost ADSL2+ Bonded ADSL2+ VDSL2
Up to 3.0M/512K $30.95 15,000 feet n/a n/a
Up to 7.0M/1.0M $40.00 9,500 feet n/a n/a
Up to 12.0M/1.0M + modem supporting bonded ADSL2+ and ADSL2+ $55.00 7,300 feet 11,600 feet n/a
Up to 24.0M/1.0M + modem supporting VDSL2, Bonded ADSL2+ and ADSL2+ $75.00 1,000 feet 8,800 feet 4,016 feet
Up to 30.0M/1.0M + modem supporting VDSL2 and bonded ADSL2+ $110.00 n/a 5,000 feet 3,300 feet

Special Modem Required: Frontier Requires a special DSL modem be used on the 12.0M, 24.0M and 30.0M services. IKANO will not sell these modems, so it is your responsibility to provide them. The underlying technology used to provide these services will be VDSL, Bonded ADSL2+ or ADSL2+. IKANO does not know the specific technology when we place the order with Frontier. Therefore, we are requiring that you supply the customers with a DSL modem that supports VDSL (the most complicated technology of the 3), but is also automatically backwards compatible to support Bonded ADSL2+ and ADSL2+. Frontier themselves use an Actiontec F2250 and Actiontec FV2200, we know these work. You may want to try and get your hands on a few of them. We also believe the older Actiontec V1000W would work as well for bonded ADSL2+. Comtrend has a NexusLink 3100u and Nexuslink 3111u that we believe will work as well. You are welcome to try any VDSL modem you like, just make sure it is backwards compatible to Bonded ADSL2+ and ADSL2+. These types of modems are typically in the $100-$200 range from what we have seen. Hopefully we can come up with several moderately priced options moving forward after we get feedback from our customers and let you guys know what works best at a reasonable cost.

Notes on Provisioning: Frontier has indicated that our automated prequal and provisioning tools will not always accurately specify what speed a user is capable of in an area. The only response we get from Frontier right now is distance, hence why we put the distance in the spreadsheet above. Using that distance, we show the speeds we believe are available for the user. However as different technologies work at different speeds and not all of Frontiers areas are using the same technology, the prequalification process may not be accurate at all times. Frontier tells us they will be working on making their VFO system more accurate in the future. Frontier also encourages us to use their website at, click the blue "CLICK HERE" link, enter the address of the user and then wait about 1 minute for the page to display what speeds are available.

Need Help/ Have Questions: Please feel free to call our sales dept at 1866-422-8890 anytime as we would love to answer questions and help you sell more DSL services.

Dialup USA Wholesale Sales