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How much do DSL modems cost?

NEW MODEM AS OF DEC 2009: We offer DSL modems for sale. The current model that we are selling is a Comtrend CT-5072T which comes in standard bridge mode and can be configured to do PPPoE authentication. We sell them in increments of 10. They are $35.00 per modem plus shipping and include the modem, power supply, 4 micro filters, 1 phone splitter, and an Ethernet and phone cable. We offer a 90 day warranty on these units. You can find technical specifications on these units on the Comtrend website at: Click here for info on the Comtrend CT-5072T ADSL2+ ... You can also view the manual for these Comtrend DSL modems here:

Technical Specifications Required: MUST be an ADSL modem that supports RFC1483 / Bridge Mode and DMT (g.DMT) VP set to 0 VC set to 35

You can place an order for modems directly in the backoffice management website once your wholesale DSL account is setup with us. Here is the URL:

PREVIOUS MODEM BEFORE DEC 2009: DLINK 2320B ... You can find technical specifications on these units on the D-Link website at:

Covad's DSL Modems

Covad's modems are mandatory and are automatically shipped to the enduser when a Covad DSL order is placed. We can not waive this process. Covad's modems are shipped direct to the customer and cost $35.00 each. They will be branded Covad/IKANO. We are sorry that there is no custom branding. They come with a CD to walk the user through the setup process. Covad supplies a BroadXent Briteport 8012-G1 ADSL2+ modem, Click here for the manual

- How are the modems shipped to the customers?

If you purchase DSL modems from us then we will ship them to you. You would then insert your instructions, company information, your name, number, etc and ship them to your users.

The exception is Covad, who ships the modems to the customers directly for you/us.

- Can a customer use their own modem?

Yes in AT&T and Verizon markets. They must be Covad supplied in Covad markets.

- Can I resell my own wireless routers?

Of course you can. This would be a great way to earn a few extra bucks =). We just do not sell them.

- Modem Return Policy

The Comtrend and DLINK DSL modem units come with a 90 day warranty. To get a replacement unit you will need to provide us with the serial number for the unit that is faulty. To do this, please email your PlatID# (Whsle Acct #) along with the modem serial number to We will verify that the unit has been shipped within 90 days. Once verified please ship the unit back to us with some form of tracking. We recommend UPS. Please email the tracking number for the shipment to and we will have a replacement unit sent out to you. You will need to return the modem and power supply.

Please ship the unit to:

RMA: Account Number
20847 Sherman Way, Suite 100
Winnetka, CA 91306

If you have a Covad DSL modem that needs to be returned, Click here for the Covad Modem Return Info

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If you have any further questions, please email us to or cal l our sales staff at 1888-460-2286 and either Jared, Eric, Vance or Adrian will get back to you with more info. Please be pati ent (leave voicemails if necessary) as we expect high demand and interest in the product. We will get back to you ASAP and will show you how it works and answer questions.

Your friends at Dialup USA