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  Effective NOV 1 2009 - Covad DSL will have 1 Year Minimum Terms    

Announced on October 11, 2008

Covad DSL Changes:

As of Nov 1 2009, the Covad DSL services (network # 11) are going to have mandatory 1 year minimum term committments for all new orders and speed change orders. All of the DSL pricing on this network will remain the same. An early termination fee of $175 will apply for any DSL circuit activated or speed changed after Nov 1 2009 that does not stay on for at least the initial 1 year period of term. After 1 year the DSL circuit will remain a month to month product which can be cancelled at anytime without penalty. This is due to changes on the Covad side that we could not negotiate out of. All existing DSL circuits that were added to the platform prior to Nov 1 2009 will not be subject to the early term fee. All new ones effective 11/1/2009 will be subject to it.

What to do to continue to sell Covad DSL services:

After we initiate the 1 year terms on Nov 1st 2009, you will need to log into the DSL backoffice and re-configure your pricing plans for these services. We are forcing you to do this because of the ETF (Early Termination Fee) and 12 month committment which you should make mandatory for all new users signing up for the Covad DSL services. You will need to make these changes in the "subscriptions" link in your DSL backoffice at

Need Help/ Have Questions: Please feel free to call our sales dept at 1866-422-8890 anytime as we would love to answer questions and help you sell more DSL and T1 services.

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