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*--- Dry Loop DSL service is NOW AVAILABLE in the Bell Canada Footprint. No telephone lines required. ---*

November 17th 2010

How To Setup and Configure the Bell Canada Network:

Locations: We can offer DSL service in the Bell Canada markets in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.


To view all of our current pricing, please download the Canadian DSL addendum to the contract here:

Dry Loop Setup Fees: There is a one time $15.00 setup fee for residential dry loop DSL and a one time $25.00 setup fee for business dry loop DSL. There is no setup fees for a line share DSL connection that is ordered using a working 10 digit telephone number.

Diagnostic Maintenance Charge (DMC). This optional charge is billed for the dispatch of a field technician to the subscriber location to service non-Bell Canada service faults, service upgrades and downgrades requiring the dispatch of a field technician (The Field Technician Dispatch Charge does not include inside wire install or repair). Each DMC will be billed at a rate of $90.00 per dispatch and would need to be authorized.

Prequal HTML: There is a new piece of prequal HTML code to put on your websites to prequalify Canadian DSL users. In our initial tests we found that you cannot put the US and Canada html codes on the same webpage due to field issues, so create a seperate link or page for it. After we have set you up on Canada, you can go here to get the code:

API Changes: If you use the API to prequalify and place orders, you will need to incorporate the Canadian province codes of ON and QB into it. You will also have to allow a 6 character postal code to be used instead of the typical 5 digit US zip code.

Billing in Canadian Funds: We want to make you aware that all of the billing for these Canadian DSL accounts will be done in Canadian Funds. This means that you will receive 1 invoice for your United States DSL clients and 1 invoice for your Canada DSL clients. Each of these will be billed in their respective currencies. If you are a US company and pay via a US based credit card the Canadian exchange rate will be calculated by your bank.

DSL Modems: The regular Comtrend DSL modems can be used on this network. The ISP is required to provide the DSL users with any equipment (DSL modem, router, wireless devices). You have the option to buy the Comtrend DSL modems from us for $35.00 each in the DSL interface here: If you purchase a package that has a 7MB upload rate, it is required that you use a Bell Supplied modem which is an additional fee.

ISP Change Requests: We can support DSL orders for users who want to transition directly from Bell Canada to our Bell Canada system. This is an easy transition and you will simply place the orders as ISP Changes during the ordering process. If the customer is through Bell or Sympatico (old name) directly, then the account will automatically switch to us and the previous DSL with Bell Canada would be cancelled. If the Subscriber comes from a wholesaler or reseller of Bell Canada, then the order will switch to us, however the Subscriber would need to call and cancel their old service after the switch has taken place.

Need Help/ Have Questions: Please feel free to call our sales dept at 1866-422-8890 anytime as we would love to answer questions and help you sell more DSL services.

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