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  BackOffice Control Panel    

The Dialup USA back office provides many utilities that an ISP can use to manage their endusers. Our back office was developed completely in house, thus providing us with more compatibility, features, and customization than what others can supply you with. This allows you to manage your users more effectively.

Dialup / Web Accel / Email / FTP Management Features

  • Add dial-up / web accel users in realtime.
  • schedule an account to be removed in the future.
  • view current password on account.
  • modify a dial-up password in realtime.
  • disable / enable / suspend a user
  • store users information (optional)
  • view activation / last modified date
  • (email) - set disable reason (displayed in outlook express error window)
  • (email) - set mail forwarding.
  • (billing) - add billing information to an account.
  • link email / ftp / dialup accounts together, for easy management.
  • complete export capability into excel.
  • web based email available
  • Supporting Your Users

Support Features

  • walk throughs for all OS's and mail clients.
  • radius log checker (view users login attempts & success / failures)
  • connection monitor (view users currently connected)
  • graphs of usage per network
  • view radius accounting data.
  • view users approaching time limits.
  • printout of all users who used a wrong password in last 24 hours
  • online trouble ticket system.
  • FAQ and answers.
  • network alert mailing list
  • network alert (online)

Miscellaneous Features

  • Employee backroom access (block certain pages)
  • Port 25 relay & port blocking (block your own ports)
  • ISP mailing list (email all your users at once)
  • change the backroom password
  • Build a customized web accelerator
  • Build a customized ISPWizard software
  • up to date list of numbers & ips of networks
  • Website Scripts
  • Marketing advice and ideas.
  • (enduser billing) view billing summary

Billing Features

  • view complete billing history since signup date.
  • export billing history to excel
  • add deposit online
  • view current invoice.

Hosting Features

  • Add / modify / remove hosting packages
  • alias two domains together
  • forward all domain email to one email account.
  • add mysql database to a hosting package.
  • add frontpage extension to a hosting package.
  • purchase / renew a domain name
  • free 1 year domain reg. with each unlim. hosting package