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  "You Asked For It" ... $20 IKANO DSL PROMOTION!    

IKANO DSL and are happy to announce our "You Asked For It" April to June DSL Promotion. During the month of April, May and June 2010 (thats right 3 months!) we will credit you for each (net-gain) DSL subscriber added. This is first month free for your average $20 DSL user!

  • Post an ad!
  • Make a sign!
  • Rent a billboard!
  • Get an endorsement from a radio DJ!
  • Be Creative and come up with your own promotion!

For example:
Number of Users on April 1st 2010 100
Number of Users on June 30th 150
Net-gain 50 users
Net-gain x $20 = Pocket Money $1000.00

  • Since the average DSL user costs $20 per month, We are going to base the 1st month credit amount based on an average and give you $20.00 per net-gain.
  • You must have 10+ net-gains during the 3 month period to qualify for this promo.
  • DSL cutovers in the network #3 Verizon California areas may be excluded from this promo due to IKANO already waiving a $60 setup fee we pay on our end. If in doubt, use the network #8 Verizon TAS network as it qualifies for the promo.
We encourage you to increase your sales efforts and push this promotion. We have intentionally made this promotion over a three month period of time to enable you to change your advertise, change your pricing structures, lower your prices and offer a special to your customers. The $20 credit you can receive is typically 1 month free service. We encourage you to pass along this promo to your customers or perhaps match our $20 with $20 from your marketing budget. Lets get more DSL users!

Now is the time to try new marketing techniques to try and bring on new DSL users. It is really easy to put new promotional plans inside the "subscriptions" section of your DSL backoffice. If you need help understanding how to do so, just let us know.

We are hopeful your success will lead to many future promotions. Please print this page and tape it all over your office! EVERYONE MUST KNOW ABOUT THE DSL PROMOTION!!! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email.

Thank You,

IKANO Wholesale DSL Team
Sales # 1866-422-8890
Tech/Billing # 1888-420-3914